# Events

Haven will fire events on an event bus for most actions taken by the user or Haven. You may register custom event listeners using Haven.on():

 * Create secondary GA instance.
Haven.on("services-loaded", () => {
  window.ga("create", "UA-XXXXXXXX-X", "auto", "custom");
  window.ga("custom.set", "anonymizeIp", true);
  window.ga("custom.send", "pageview");

The following events are fired by Haven. The first parameter is the event name, the second parameter (if present) the event payload.

Event Description
service-loaded, name Fired whenever a service has been injected. The service name is passed as the payload.
services-loaded Fired once all services that meet the requirements have been injected.
${purpose}-enabled Fired once cookies for a given purpose (e.g. functional or analytics) have been accepted by the user.
${purpose}-disabled Fired when cookies for a given purpose have been declined by the user.
Last Updated: 5/14/2020, 11:49:06 AM