# Configuration

The following options may be configured:

Option Description
prefix Custom prefix for the consent cookies created by Haven (e.g. cs-functional instead of cookies-functional). Default: cookies.
domains List of cookie domains. See Consent Revoke.
cookies Custom cookies grouped by purpose that should be deleted on consent revoke. Should be an object with the purpose as the key and an array of strings (cookie names) as the values.
lang Default language used. Default: en.
type Consent type: opt-in / opt-out. Default: opt-in.
services List of services used in the application. See Service Injection
purposes Custom list of purposes used in the application. Haven will gather all purposes from the purposes specified in your services. Use this option to overwrite that behavior when necessary.
notification Customization options for the cookie notification.
preferences Customization options for the cookie preferences.
translations Custom translations.
Last Updated: 11/4/2019, 12:45:01 PM