GDPR-ready cookie consent manager with zero dependencies.

# Introduction

Haven is a simple-to-use cookie consent manager enabling GDPR and ePrivacy compliance with just a few lines of code. Haven comes with the following features included out of the box:

  • Cookie notification for opt-in and opt-out strategies.
  • Cookie preferences enabling users to revoke or change their consent at any time.
  • Automatic injection of services (google-analytics, google-tag-manager, facebook-pixel or any custom solution) at runtime, after the user has given their consent.
  • Removal of all tracking cookies after a user has revoked their consent.
  • Translations for multiple languages with easy customization.
  • Written in TS, and as such compatible with ES5, ES6+ and TS projects out of the box.
Last Updated: 11/4/2019, 12:45:01 PM