# Cookie Preferences

Users should have the option to revoke their consent at any time. They should also be able to configure their consent for all of the available purposes separately. Haven makes this very easy: just add a wrapper element with the id #cookie-preferences to your cookie policy page, and Haven will automatically inject a preferences section. The cookie preferences may be customized using the preferences option:

    preferences: {
        ... // customizations

# Options

Option Description
styles Custom styles for the preferences section.

The following styles may be configured:

Option Description
textColor Custom text color.
toggleBackground Custom background color for the (active) toggle switch.
toggleBorder Custom border color for the toggle switch.
buttonBackground Custom background for the Save button.
buttonBackgroundHover Custom background color on hover for the Save button.
buttonColor Custom text color for the Save button.

You may also use a completely custom cookie preferences component, just make sure to use the following IDs on your elements:

  • #cookie-preferences--${purpose} checkbox for a given purpose.
  • #cookie-preferences__save: button for saving the preferences.
Last Updated: 11/4/2019, 12:45:01 PM