# Purposes

Cookies in your application may be used for one or more purposes. As an example, Google Analytics is used for analytics, while Google Ads is used for marketing purposes. Haven comes with the following purposes configured out of the box:

  • functional: cookies that are required for the functionality of your website. Examples include cookies used for authentication or the contents of a shopping basket.
  • analytics: cookies used for analytics.
  • marketing: cookies used for marketing purposes, such as ads or other campaigns.
  • preferences: non-required cookies used to store user preferences.

On top of these pre-configured purposes, you may specify your own custom purposes by adding the corresponding translation entries:

    translations: {
        en: {
            purposes: {
                'my-custom-purpose': {
                    name: 'custom-name',
                    description: 'custom-description',
Last Updated: 11/4/2019, 12:45:01 PM